Recent books from The Beagle Press

The Beagle Press was established in 1980 by Lou Klepac, to publish books on Australian art and has published and produced well over 100 fine art books to date. The Beagle Press has produced books for many public institutions including the Art Gallery of New South Wales; Powerhouse Museum; National Library of Australia; and many leading artists. A high standard of quality and production is a hallmark of all Beagle Press books.

Brett Whiteley Drawings OUT NOW

Brett Whiteley drawings includes 180 of his most important drawings, from early views made as a student to the last series of works made in Paris in 1989, before his untimely death. He was an indefatigable draughtsman, putting great energy into his drawings and they stand alone as a vital part of his oeuvre; they are the essence of Brett Whiteley.…


Hans Heysen  OUT NOW

Hans Heysen is one of the giants of Australian art who transformed the way we see the Australian landscape during the first two decades of Federation. Back from four years of study in Europe at the end of 1903, he achieved an astronomical success within twelve months of his return. Two major works were acquired by State Galleries and he was awarded the Wynne Prize, the first of nine times.…


Kevin Connor OUT NOW

Connor may not be as well known as he should be, partly due to his reticence and need to keep a low profile. However, when one comes across one of his works in a public gallery, his painting stands out by the sheer force and authority of it as a work of art, and proves to be a revelation.