Selected and edited by Lou Klepac

The authors are Lou Klepac,  Gavin Fry, Sasha Grishin, Deborah Hart, Bruce James, John McDonald, Barry Pearce and Peter Pinson.


This volume is devoted to the achievements of Australian painters of the twentieth century and features the work of 19 artists. Each artist is accorded 12 pages of reproductions with an essay by a recognised authority on Australian art. The artists included are Margaret Preston, Ian Fairweather, Grace Cossington Smith, Godfrey Miller, Lloyd Rees, William Dobell, Russell Drysdale, Albert Tucker, Donald Friend, James Gleeson, Sidney Nolan, Arthur Boyd, John Brack, Jeffrey Smart, Fred Williams, John Olsen, William Robinson, Colin Lanceley and Brett Whiteley.

Hardcover  |  252 pages, 325 x 266 mm.  More than 200 colour plates
| ISBN 947349308 | OUT OF PRINT